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5% To Charity - FareStart

I care about what you care about, and I'm putting my money where your heart is! I'm donating 5% of every commission to each client's favorite charity.

Showcasing James and Kristenelle's Choice - FareStart

My client's put a good deal of thought, time and money into upgrades on what they thought would be their home for many years. But then an opportunity to move closer to their families presented itself, and they were faced with the reality that they might not recoup their costs. With my expertise in marketing, I was able to secure a sales price of more than $100,000 over the list price and set a new high for the neighborhood.

When I asked James and Kristenelle which charity they would like me to support, they chose FareStart. Before the pandemic, both of them volunteered at FareStart. They liked their approach of helping folks out of poverty by training them in culinary skills (they both also love to cook and eat).

FareStart has been helping people transform their lives through food for nearly 30 years. At FareStart, people overcome barriers by learning work and life skills needed to succeed in employment and in life. By investing in people, providing meals and building community, they transform homelessness, hunger and poverty into human potential. FareStart trains people to be chefs, bakers, baristas, caterers and restaurateurs. They even have their own restaurant and cafes'! In response to the pandemic starting in 2020, FareStart has provided over 4 million meals to organizations across the Seattle area that serve youth, adults and families who are low income or experiencing homelessness. Emergency meals are going to over 100 sites including Downtown Emergency Services Center, Plymouth Housing, YMCA and King County COVID-19 isolation and recovery sites. To learn more about FareStart and how you can help, go to:

When you buy or sell with me, you can support your favorite school, social justice organization, food bank, un-housed neighbor program, veteran group, or anything else you care about. How great is that? What will you choose?

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