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5% To Charity - Sound Generations - Cam's Choice

I care about what you care about, and I'm putting my money where your heart is! I'm donating 5% of every commission to each client's favorite charity.

Cam's Choice

Sound Generations

My client Cam bought a great house where his family could thrive. He loves hanging out with his kids and cares about the senior generation of family units.

When I asked him which charity he would like to choose, he picked Sound Generations. Established in 1967, Sound Generations is a comprehensive non-profit organization that serves older adults and adults with disabilities in King County. By envisioning a just society where aging adults and those who care about them can live their best lives, they strive to expand the provision of food security, transportation, health & wellness, and assistance services to underserved and marginalized populations. They are committed to helping everyone; and, work to ensure people feel included and respected in a community that affirms aging. To find out more about Sound Generations, go to:

When you buy or sell with me, you can support your favorite school, social justice organization, food bank, un-housed neighbor program, veteran group, or anything else you care about. How great is that? What will you pick?

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