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5% To Charity - Sound Theatre Company

I care about what you care about, and I'm putting my money where your heart is! I'm donating 5% of every commission to each client's favorite charity.

Showcasing Andy and Corinne's Choice - Sound Theatre Company

Andy and I worked together at Intentional Futures (iF) when he started dating his now-wife, Corinne. They reached out to me when their newly expanded family needed a little more space. We found their first house in West Seattle. Its a privilege to help first-time buyers! I absolutely love it!

Andy and Corinne love the theatrical arts. So when I asked them which charity they would like me to support, they chose Sound Theatre Co. because "they are truly an arts organization who walks their talk and creates work for all kinds of people. We know the people who run the organization and they are obviously part of our artistic community." Indeed, Sound Theatre Company consistently produces solid productions of well-written and well-chosen plays that not only delight but also challenge audiences, quoted one of their critics. Their mission is to empower artists to give voice to the dignity and diversity of the human experience through live theatre. Personally, just looking at their website and the plays that are offered had me wanting to buy tickets. If you would like to see one of their award winning productions or learn more about Sound Theatre Company, go to:

When you buy or sell with me, you can support your favorite school, social justice organization, food bank, un-housed neighbor program, veteran group, or anything else you care about. How great is that? What will you choose?

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