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5% To Charity - The Nature Conservancy

I care about what you care about, and I'm putting my money where your heart is! I'm donating 5% of every commission to each client's favorite charity.

Showcasing Cindy's Choice - The Nature Conservancy

Cindy wanted to move away from cold winters in Spokane and closer to her son. He and I helped her find a sweet condo in West Seattle spacious enough for her and her dog, Sophie, with a beautiful view of the Puget Sound.

When I asked Cindy which charity she would like me to support, she chose The Nature Conservancy. She said, "The Nature Conservancy is one of the most effective and efficient environmental organizations in the world . Building on nearly 6 decades of experience, they've protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 river miles - and they operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally." The Nature Conservancy began when leading scientists, committed citizens and dedicated leaders came together with a shared vision to protect and care for nature. Today, as they take on the most complex environmental challenges in history, their diverse staff, partners and members impact conservation across more than 70 countries and territories. To learn more about The Nature Conservancy and how they impact our earth, go to:

When you buy or sell with me, you can support your favorite school, social justice organization, food bank, un-housed neighbor program, veteran group, or anything else you care about. How great is that? What will you choose?

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