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5% To Charity - Chief Seattle Club

I care about what you care about, and I'm putting my money where your heart is! I'm donating 5% of every commission to each client's favorite charity.

Showcasing Adam and Zoe's Choice - Chief Seattle Club

Zoe and I worked together at Intentional Futures, and I climbed with her husband Adam. I helped their growing family find a larger home in their current beloved neighborhood. When I asked Adam and Zoe which Charity group they would like me to support, they chose Chief Seattle Club. Adam says, "We support Chief Seattle Club because we believe that everyone deserves a safe and supportive place to live. The club provides a variety of services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives who are experiencing homelessness, including housing, food, and job training. They also offer a safe space for people to connect with their culture and heritage. We are impressed by the club's commitment to providing culturally appropriate services and its dedication to helping people get the housing and support they need."

Seattle currently reports that only 1% of the population identifies as American Indian/Alaska Native. This, of course, was not always the case. Thousands of years before white colonials arrived, people from dozens of tribes thrived in the Puget Sound region—including the Duwamish and Suquamish, whose Chief Si’ahl inspired our city’s name. Yet hundreds of years of colonization, systemic racism, broken treaties, forced reservations, and more have resulted in Native peoples making up a startling 15% of Seattle’s homeless population. Seattle has one of the most staggering homelessness crises in the US, and thousands of urban Native peoples are impacted by homelessness every day, right here in our backyard. Chief Seattle Club was created to change this reality. We envision a future without Native homelessness, and we believe that Native values can create a world where nobody is homeless. If you'd like to learn more about Chief Seattle Club, go to:

When you buy or sell with me, you can support your favorite school, social justice organization, food bank, un-housed neighbor program, veteran group, or anything else you care about. How great is that? What will you choose?

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