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Partners Across the Country - San Francisco, California

Not just Washington!

You may think I can only help you with properties in the greater Seattle/Eastside area, but that's not true! I have cultivated relationships with agents across the country. If you've thought about buying a 2nd home, are being transferred, or want to help your family in another city, I can connect you with a trustworthy agent almost anywhere. If I don't already have a trusted partner in the city in which you are interested, I can use my professional association network to fid and interview several agents on your behalf. I will be highlighting some of my trusted partners around the country this year.

Introducing Norm Fung

Norm works in his beloved city of San Francisco and cities in the adjacent county of San Mateo. As a native San Franciscan he is well versed in all the districts. He grew up in the Russian Hill and Richmond neighborhoods and currently lives in the Outer Richmond, two blocks from the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Park, and Lands End. He is a long-time friend of my Marketing and Operations Manager, Kimi Tom. Norm excels at listening intently to understand his clients' goals. He relishes in taking good care of his clients, many of whom have become his friends. When Norm is not consulting with his clients on real estate matters, he loves traveling domestically and abroad to increase his understanding of the world and other cultures.

If you have interest in buying a home or vacation property in the San Francisco Bay Area, give me a call and I can connect you to Norm.

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